Żyd jako symbol obcości. Stosunek Polaków do zagłady Żydów

24 wrz. 2009


The foregoing texts were written during a seminar conducted at the Chair of Cultural Studies at Wroclaw University between March and April 2003 by a visiting professor Dorota Glowacka from University of King's College, Halifax, Canada. The seminar focused on issues broadly related to the Holocaust and subjects such as memory and forgetting (including intergenerational memory), traumatic experience (also one inherited by second generations), forgiveness, the survivor syndrome, and anti-Semitism on the basis of various accounts and memoirs of Holocaust survivors (including children), philosophical and journalistic texts, and works of art. The seminar papers presented below are the result of reading, conversations, heated discussions and moments of reflection that not only took place in a class but also extended beyond university walls. The subject matter left no-one indifferent, and the seminar was a truly memorable intellectual and emotional experience.