Jak srebrny glob wpływa na los człowieka czyli kilka słów o astrologii

25 wrz. 2009


In this text the author deals with a subject that is considerably controversial - the astrology. Astrology, although ridiculed by the scientists, is still very popular. Yet the purpose of this article is not the discussion on the right or true character of astrology but the investigation of the role of the lunar motive (the motive of the moon) and the research upon the astrological interpretation of the influence of this celestial body on man. The Moon is a natural satellite of Earth and we can observe only one side of the Moon. From our human point of view it appears, grows, gets smaller or disappears. These apparent changes of shape during which the moon 'is born' or 'dies' have always fascinated people who found a parallel to their own fate in this phenomenon. The astrologists think that the particular lunar phases influence human psyche and feelings, support or cause harm to some human activities.