Motywy księżycowe w "Sadze o Ludziach Lodu"

25 wrz. 2009


In Margit Sandemo's "The Ice People Saga" (Sagan om isfolket) many lunar motives occur. The author of the article tries to interpret them in the context of knowledge about the traditional culture. The moon appears already in the first volume of the saga The Enchanting and is present throughout the parts that follow: The Witch Hunt, The Abyss, The Spring Sacrifice, The Demon of the Night and The Magic Moon. The moon influencing the fate of man was present during the most important events in the life of those unusual people. The protoplast of the Ice People was Tengel the Evil who sold his soul to the devil. He was given a promise of earthly prosperity but in return for this one of his descendants in each generation had to serve Satan and do evil. They had supernatural powers, they could cure but they also used black magic. The moon, supporting all the demon creatures (and the ice people were demonic) was a 'witness' of all their activities. During the full moon Sol contacts the dead ancestors and also travels to the sabbath of witches. The other characters of the book - Heike and Vinga during a magical ritual in another moon phase bring supernatural powers to Earth - 'the gray people'. Earthly satellite helps Christa discover the mystery of her origin. The space where it all happens is also important: the top of a mountain (Bloksberg), a hill (on the parish border) and the cross-roads - it refers to the traditional vision of the world and to the folk philosophy of life.